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Urban Shelter’s Giant Strides

We have adopted an approach that addresses the -problem from multiple angles. First, we addressed the price aspect by making our pricing very competitive. It’s possible to purchase and affordable house in Urban Shelter for as low as N4.5m, for a studio unit. Secondly, the cost of building is addressed by using materials produced locally and internally. These materials include bricks, which we manufacture directly, and use as partition walls, fence wall, and light weight slab material as a replacement for conventional concrete slabs. Thirdly, we have considered the ability for buyers to pay for these houses more conveniently. In more developed economies, mortgages are accessible for a payment period of twenty to thirty years. On our side as developers, we have created the STAY & PAY™ system, which is a proprietary scheme by Urban shelter. With this scheme, a buyer can pay for a house over a five year period instead of the standard twelve to twenty-four months period the most developers offer their customers. It has proven to be very successful.
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